The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

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The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is planned for launch April 2011 to provide financial assistance to generators of renewable heat, and producers of renewable biogas and biomethane. 

Renewable Heat Incentive on the DECC website

Details of the RHI released 10th March 2011

The scheme will be introduced in two phases.

In the first phase, long-term tariff support will be targeted in the non-domestic sectors, at the big heat users – the industrial, business and public sector – which contribute 38% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Under this phase there will also be support of around £15 million for households through the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

The second phase of the RHI scheme will see households moved to the same form of long-term tariff support offered to the non-domestic sector in the first phase. This transition will be timed to align with the Green Deal which is intended to be introduced in October 2012.

Key aspects of the first (2011) phase of the RHI 

  • Only non-domestic installations will be supported
  • The first phase of the RHI will not include deeming: payments will be based on metered heat
  • Support for biomass will be broken down into size class: Small biomass (<200 kWth) medium biomass (>200 kWth – 1 MWth) and large biomass (>1 MWth).
  • For small and medium scale biomass there will be a tariff breakpoint at 1314 peak load hours p.a. Below this small biomass will receive 7.6p/kWh, and medium biomass will receive 4.7p/kWh, while above this both will receive 1.9p/kWh. Large biomass receives a flat rate of 2.6p/kWh

BEC RHI Calculator
An Excel Spreadsheet based calculator from the Biomass Energy Centre to allow the RHI payments and savings from a (non-domestic) woodfuel boiler installation to be estimated. (478 kB)

Table of RHI Tariffs
A full table of RHI tariffs for industry, business and large organisations from DECC


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